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What does everyone think of the new Super Cruiser Buell revealed? 180 horsepower on a bike that weighs 450 pounds is quite tempting.

In 2021, Buell claimed it would have 10 new models by 2024. While that seems highly unlikely as of today, we now have our first look at the latest offering from the American manufacturer, which was brought to life by none other than Roland Sands Design. The Buell Super Cruiser concept unveiled to the media in Long Beach, CA on February 10, combines existing Buell componentry, including the 1190SX’s motor, into an entirely bespoke chassis developed by RSD. Cruiser faithful will likely recognize the FXR-esque silhouette of the Super Cruiser, but the performance should surpass anything seen yet. Of course this is only a concept model, so when the Super Cruiser hits the production line, we’ll have a better idea of what to expect.

It only took one sketch from Roland to Buell CEO, Bill Melvin, before Melvin said, “Build that one.” Explaining the build parameters, Sands recalls, “Bill said use all the Buell components you can because we have them.” “And the performance is kick ass,” interjected Melvin. Buell items used include the motor, swingarm, suspension, fork, perimeter brakes, wheels, handlebar controls, master cylinders, and electronics package (though these had not currently been tuned to work with the concept bike).

Sands and Melvin told us the bike weighs only 450 pounds wet, and the motor produces 180 horsepower. These numbers are certainly enticing, but one must expect the weight will increase in production trim. While the engine has existed for some time, Roland mentioned the Super Cruiser had not yet been on the dyno. Of course, there’s no denying that cramming an engine like that into a “club bike” chassis is going to make for one spicy sausage.

We’re told to expect the Super Cruiser for the 2025 model year and pricing is yet to be fleshed out. A limited production will happen first then, hopefully, move into larger production numbers. Pre-order (with a small deposit) is open now.
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